Looking to move to Bitwarden, have some questions

I am looking to move off of 1Password. I am thinking that Bitwarden may be a viable option but have a few questions.

Some background. I have a 1Password families account that I share with my wife and mother. we each have a “private” vault as well as a vault I share with my Wife. We all sync our PW databases between our Laptops/Desktops and iOS devices. The only other feature I am looking for is 2FA with a Yubikey.

For Bitwarden, it looks like I need the Families account for $12/yr. That should allow me to add and share with my family, right?

As for the 2FA, It looks like I need the Premium Upgrade, correct? Is that $10/yr for all people covered in the Family account, or for EACH individual user?

Any plans to add additional types of entries, such as Software Licenses, Bank Accounts, Memberships and maybe SSN’s? I use these categories in 1Password a lot.

Thanks for any assistance!

For 2FA with Yubikey, you’ll need a personal premium license for $10/yr. This license is per user. If you activate it for your account, only you will benefit from the additions it provides.

In order to share your passwords with your family, you’ll need to create an organization. I encourage you to read the help page about this :


Your use case seems to match to the family organization, as you said. Family organizations are priced at $12/yr.
From Bitwarden’s page for creating organizations :

  • For personal use, to share with family & friends.
  • Add and share with up to 5 users
  • Create unlimited collections
  • 1 GB encrypted file storage
  • Self-hosting (optional)
  • Priority customer support
  • 7 day free trial, cancel anytime

Finally, there is a feature request about support for additional entry types in BW :

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Thank you for your response. I had read the article about organizations. Still trying to translate between 1PW and BW. Terms are different and I just want to make sure I have it right.

Another question. If I create an organization and invite family members, do they have their own “Private” vaults in addition to the shared vault? I don’t want to see most of my wife passwords, only the ones we need to share in the shared vault.

Yes. Every user has their own personal vault. Items can be “shared” to the organization which allow others in the organization to see/use them depending on access rules defined by the organization admin.

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Thank you Kyle! Bitwarden is looking better and better! I have done some testing today with an organization. Added my wife and shared some test entries. I think I am figuring out how this works.

Thank you for your hard work on Bitwarden. I am leaning toward this being a viable solution for my (and my families) needs. Just doing some testing and making sure I fully understand how Bitwarden works in a multiuser scenario

Just be aware that you can’t take back ownership of an item you shared with an organization. You can only delete it from the organization or remove it from the collections to unshare it.

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Well, that IS interesting. I hope that changes soon. That could be an issue.

There’s a feature request about it here, don’t hesitate to vote for it !


DONE! Thanks for that info.