Longer Password View

I typically just use the mobile app to view my passwords as needed. When I tap the eye icon to view, the Password field is fairly narrow on the screen and my long passwords consume 2 lines. When there are spaces in the password it’s not immediately apparent.
Example: my password= word1 word2 word3
Viewing in Bitwarden shows it as:
word1 word2

I have to guess if there is a space between “word2” and “word3”.

My suggestion is to make the password viewing field the entire width of the screen so that longer passwords are shown more accurately/conveniently.

How often do you need to actually see the password besides from the moment you add it to Bitwarden?
Why don’t you use Auto-fill Services (on Android) or whatever is the equivalent on an iphone ? Even if in rare cases this does not work for the app you are using you can simply copy the password to the clipboard and then paste it into the password-field.

I purposely try to stay away from Autofill/browser extension types of functions. It’s just the way I am and how I’ve come to use password vault apps over the years. IDK - maybe I’m the only one? So the answer is that I look at the passwords in my vault regularly.