Longer / Configurable login timeouts

Four hours is far too short. I want it to at least last 8 hours so I don’t need to log in twice in a typical work day.

Ideally the timeout period would be configurable to whatever the user wants.

I would probably set it to 7 days, personally. But right now I’m stuck with either 4 hours (way too short), restart browser (which I do relatively frequently, as I run Firefox betas and they update a lot), or never, which permanently stores my key and is insecure.

You don’t update your browser multiple times a day though, do you? On browser restart works well for me as I open it in the morning and don’t close it until I’m done for the day.

No, usually firefox updates betas 3-4 times per week. It’s definitely a painpoint, trying to migrate from Lastpass.

There are a bunch of these “paper cut” painpoints, each one pretty minor, but they all add up.