Longer/configurable auto-lockout timers

Please add longer or (even better) configurable auto-lockout timers. Right now the longest timer other than the insecure “save my password” is 4 hours. I would like that to be 12 hours.

My use-case with Lastpass is as follows. I come in to work, unlock Lastpass, work all day, then go home. When I come in the next day it’s locked again. I don’t want to have to unlock Bitwarden with my password 2-3 times per day.

I second this. Normally, I don’t go for days without restarting my browser. Sometimes I’m playing around with plugins and I need to restart the browser frequently. I have a very long password and entering it frequently gets old very quick. A daily (I think 24 hours) is a good compromise. Because now, I have it set to Never. Which is terrible. I’m not sure why this is not configurable. Possibly to avoid bad practices like mine. But then you have Never.

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