Logout From Other Sessions

I want to logout from recent active sessions. Will this feature be added? Sometimes someone else uses my browser, and I want to logout of my phone, session from the browser plug-in on the computer. Is this possible?

The feature I’ve mentioned is on most platforms. Telegram as an example:

My English is bad. Sorry. I hope you understand.

Hi chomar,

I think that you could use the option offered in the web vault. Access it via https://vault.bitwarden.com and go to Settings tab, than My Account section. From this page, go completely to bottom and click on Deauthorize Sessions. in Danger Zone. It will normally close all sessions (every sessions: even the session from which you deauthorize, so be aware). I think that it could make problem to sessions that aren’t connected to web when login, though. For example, a laptop without network could let the user login with either desktop’s app or browser’s extension if not completely logout previously (thus rendering the deauthorizing act useless…) until internet connection become available again…


Thanks for your reply but we can’t reach fast in an emergency. This interface must be accessible within the application.

Ok. Honestly, I don’t think it will be on plans soon if at all. It is too easy to do it with web’s vault and it takes only about a minute longer…

In my opinion, the only thing that this feature could improve is the fact that it could possibly be done offline immediately and effects as soon as a connection that allow syncing is available.

So, a user in emergency will still need a internet access…

I don’t see great rewards for such work.

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It would be very useful if can see all of my active sessions and deauthorize which session I want. Now I cannot see active sessions (to detect if anyone accessed my vault) and I cannot deauthorize only session of attacker (or session that I forgot to close on my friend’s PC). Do you have plan to make this feature richer?

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I don’t think this is on the roadmap yet, but if you want to add your support for such a feature, there is an open feature request here:

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I just cast a vote on the “Session management” feature request mentioned bt dh024 above. I really do not understand why @jseb cannot see the security implications of said feature. There are obvious reasons to why such a feature is implemented in most or many other data sensitive applications that should not be necessary to mention here.
Anyway, I advise anyone else to cast your valuable vote on Session management

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