Logout but still remembers email

Firefox / Chrome extension - After logging out and restarting browser, the email address is already filled in.

I’ve set options to logout on restart, logged out of all devices from the web page and still the email is remembered.

Is there a way to NOT have the email autofilled or remembered when I logout??? When I logout - I want to LOGOUT. The Not You? option doesn’t count. I’d like the emaili to be completely blank.


Hey @Vivacious7076 and welcome to the community,

This was recently changed to have separate login screens between email and the master password, so currently I do not see an easy way in the browser extension to forget the email.
On the web-vault you simply need to be sure to uncheck Remember email, it does not seem that the browser extension has a similar option to select or de-select.

As a workaround, once you log out of the browser extension. You can simply clear your email by entering in any bogus email and attempting to login and Continue, once presented to enter the master password you can simply cancel out and the bogus email will remain.

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I suppose that’s the best solution, but I’d like more, especially on easily physically stealable devices, laptops and phones.


Thanks @Vivacious7076, feedback has been passed along to the team.

Well look at there!
This is already fixed in the latest browser release v2023.1.0

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Bitwarden is awesome. So glad I switched. Lastpass → KeepassXC (with nextcloud for sync) → Bitwarden. BW syncs much more smoothly.

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