Login to browser extensions when logging into desktop app and vice versa

When extension and desktop app first connect to each other, each of them are unlocked and have the current keychain key in memory right? Now both of them generate a random key and encrypt the current keychain key. They can safely store it next to the keychain. Than they exchange the random generated keys and forget them. So it looks like this:
Extension (Random Key from Desktop App (RK1), Encryped keychainkey with RK2)
Desktop App (Random Key from Extension (RK2), Encryped keychainkey with RK1)

The Random Keys RK1 and RK2 can be stored in the keychain, because they are needed to unlock the other. So when eg. you start the Desktop App you unlock the keychain and RK2 gets accessible. Now you start Chrome and the extension asks the Desktop App for an unlock key. The Desktop App can safely provide it, because it knows that nobody can do something with the key unless he has the Encryped version as the Extension does. Now the extension got the RK2 and has locally stored the keychainkey encrypted with RK2. It can decrypt the keychainkey and unlock the keychain.

With a bit of refinement, eg. RSA encrypted communication, only provide the random generated key once and delete it after retriveal

Please add that feature. Look you guys recommend a long master password, but a long master password takes a long time to enter. This is really annoying in my opinion, that you waste your time with putting in your password each time you start your browser


Feature name

  • REAL Browser Intergration

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
    • Browser extensions connect with desktop client so that it can automatically pull usernames and passwords from desktop client, just like KeePassXC’s browser extension.
  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    • No more login or unlock when desktop client is unlocked
  • Remember to add a tag for each client application that will be affected

Related topics + references

  • Are there any related topics that may help explain the need and function of this feature?
    • No.
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Yep. This is really annoying. I had 1Password, and I do not remember this problem. Too many sign-ins.

This very same behaviour occurs on all 3 OSes:

  • Windows,
  • Linux,
  • macOS ( upto Monterey; havent tested on Ventura )

I would love this feature too.
Just switched from 1Password, this is the very only feature i miss from before.