Login to browser extensions when logging into desktop app and vice versa

Definitely my most requested feature for Bitwarden. It’s perfect in every other regard, but this seemingly small addition would be amazing!

I have been waiting for this since beginning to use Bitwarden. I work in programming and I use 3-4 different browsers repeatedly throughout the day. It’s super annoying switching between them and then having to re-log in all the time. Enpass would allow detection that if the Desktop application was unlocked, it would allow you to be logged in already.

Can we get some insight on this? As a developer I often jump between Chrome, Firefox, Brave, etc. When I have to log into a site, I have to re-log into Bitwarden in every single browser. I often close the browser to free up desktop space/memory. Necessitating the need to re-login frequentl.

It’s getting so annoying now, that I am honestly thinking of jumping ship to Lastpass, because I know there is this cohesion between the browser/desktop app. I don’t have to constantly re-log in.

I don’t LIKE Lastpass, but that’s how much this feature means to me. It frequently disrupts my work flow to not have it. Please, can this be looked at?

Thats the only thing bugging me since switching to Bitwarden.

not sure how to link requests but same here

This has been requested before but in a (maybe) confusing way and didn’t get much attention. I’ll try to do better.

The requested feature:

Add the ability for the browser extension and the desktop app to “talk” with one another so they would lock/unlock together.

The desired outcome:

When we unlock the browser extension, the desktop app would unlock as well (assuming it is already running) and, conversely, when the desktop app locks because, say, the system is put to sleep, the browser extension would lock too.

It seems weird (read hazardous) to me that the browser extension be still unlocked when the computer wakes from sleep. Am I paranoid?

Yes, please. Coming from 1Password to Bitwarden. If the user has a STRONG password for Bitwarden, they’re logging in minimum of 2x a day (once for app, once for browser extension) it is much more cumbersome and encourages WEAKER Bitwarden master passwords.

Really users must login more often: when timed out, using another browser, after restating…

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Out of curiosity, what pushed you away from 1Password? And what attracted you towards Bitwarden?

Mainly, the cost of Teams for 1Password $4-$8 per user per month vs Bitwarden ~$1-$3 per user per month.

I see good reviews (iOS app store 4.9 stars) and come across a few articles praising Bitwarden. Helpful that Bitwarden is cross platform and web interface. Mainly use macOS and iOS but good for BYOD employees.

Me too… It would be very nice to unlock one with the other. :+1:

1Password has two extensions available, one of which (1PasswordX) is distinct from the app’s. IMHO, 1PX is much handier then the app extension, but like Bitwarden’s extension, it presently cannot “speak” with the app (at least Windows) version. With respect to Bitwarden, I much prefer it’s desktop navigation over the (Chrome) extension, and I access it through the tray icon. At the moment, I’m considering which tool to adopt.

Am I correct that I can’t log in to a site from the app unless the extension is logged in first? I just tried and, as I expected, the context menu login requires log on through the extension. I’m not sure what would happen if I had tried to access a site at which Bitwarden (app) autofilled my creds.

I can’t speak for Windows, but on Mac, you can’t can’t log into a site from the app (aside from manual copy/paste, of course). You can launch a URL from the app but it won’t autofill in the browser. At that point, the app is merely as useful as a bookmark, more or less.

I just realize I use the app less and less over time. I agree with you that the app navigation is easier than the extension (which is more like a port of the mobile app), but I can’t think of an operation the app could do that the extension can’t.
The extension even allows to have multiple windows at the same time (!), which the app can’t do.

Same with 1Password desktop app and the legacy extension. I miss this feature too.


I’m a new BitWarden user and I have to say, I really like it.

I find it counterintuitive and frustrating however, that if I am logged in using the BitWarden application on the PC, when opening a browser and trying to login to say, Gmail, it does not recognize that I am logged into that vault in the app.

I have to log in AGAIN, within the browser. There is no check to see I’m already authenticated in the official app.

Enpass, for example, allows this. I can open the app and work within it, etc, then if I visit a website that needs a login, it checks if I have the App open and authenticated. If it’s been locked, it won’t let me. It’s quite simple, and facilitates integration between the app and the extension.

Further, I have to input my full master password each time I do this. I added a Yubikey in hopes that I could simply authenticate with bitwarden using my physical key. Avoiding having to enter that log tough password every time.

These are legitimate issues I have for fully embracing your software at the moment. To the point that even though I bought premium, I am considering moving back to Enpass until these get addressed. I find them to be that much of a standard option/ability I can get from Enpass, Lastpass, Dashlane, or any others.

I meant this to be respectful, and not a bash on the program. I legitimately like BitWarden and simply want to see it’s abilities mature.

Duplicate of Login to browser extensions when logging into desktop app and vice versa

Hopefully this is high on the todo list. No one get a PW manager so they can have to type their PW multiple times whenever they login. PW should reduce password entry requirements. This would go a long way.

I wonder if the Safari/macOS roadmap with universal extensions will make this easier as they’ll be compilable cross-browser…

Another ex-Dashlane user here. Really miss this feature, to the point of considering returning to Dashlane. I just want to do the auth via the desktop app and remain logged in until I exit Windows or explicitly log off from Bitwarden itself. Having to log in every time I re-open my browser is a pain, and I really don’t like using timed log-offs.

+1 for this feature!!

I too vote to have this feature added. I am a newbe coming from 1Password

When bitwarden is unlocked on your computer, one should not have unlock over and over again each time you open a browser. The browser apps need their own log in when they are on devices other than your main computer, like TVs, phones, or other devices. When on your computer the browser app should first look for an unlocked computer bitwarden app before asking to unlock the same app on the browser. Please eliminate this redundancy and you will make all your users very happy.

Other than that and a lack of duplicate finder and remover, this app really seems to rock!!! Keep up the good work!

This looks like a good idea and was just mentioned in the github bug reports here: https://github.com/bitwarden/desktop/issues/559