Login to a website

i type a few letters after pressing the symbol. It comes up with what I have that agrees. If I choose one, it brings up what’s in the entry but doesn’ bring up the site to autofill

I’ve been using 1PW and that’s how it works. How do I get it to bring up the website’s login page and autofill it?

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Hi - yes, you are correct that Bitwarden and 1Password work a bit differently. I think they all do.

Bitwarden provides some wondeful online help documentation that you should have a look at. I think you will find this page particularly useful:


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If you want to open the site in your browser rather than just open the vault entry, you can click on the little arrow icon to the right hand side of the entry (as highlighted below):


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Thanks to you and David for your replies. I think I have discovered the biggest problem. There are no urls in my vault. I did an import of my 1PW and have checked the file and the urls are in the file but BW did not bring them in. It appears that all else did import.

Any ideas?


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Hmm, did you export as a 1pif or as a csv file? If csv, did you check the box to include column labels?

I’d perhaps clear your vault and try the export/import again. There’s some more information here on importing from 1Password: