Login specific password generator options (length, special chars)



Would be great if we could override the password generator options for a specific login. For example, I have my default password generator setup as “password” with a 30 character length and to include letters, numbers and special characters.

And while this is what I use 90% of the time, I have a few accounts that do not allow passwords generated with these options.

Some, for example, limit the password to 12 characters (eg, Walmart).
And some, for example, do not allow special characters.

Now, when I generate a password for Walmart in BitWarden and change the password length limits, it changes the length in the global password generator options, so the next time I run the password generator, it is a 12 character password.

What would be great is if we could have the global password generator set up with the default options, and then have a way to override the generation options for a specific login that does not change the default options.


Something like a non-global password generator, right?
It pops-up, after clicking on an icon within the item.