Login passwords are being overwritten with my master vault password if I go to view them

Is anyone having this problem?
Seems to be web only. I can’t recreate this on Windows Desktop.|

If I open a login and view its password it seems to overwrite what I know I have in there with my master vault password.
I only realized that it was doing this after overwriting about a half dozen passwords.

Does the password history support your theory?


Hi @ebidoul and welcome to the Community!

Do you happen to have your Bitwarden Master Password stored in your Web Vault? If so, do you have Auto-fill with On Page Load set for Bitwarden Master Password entry? If so, try turning that off and see if that fixes the problem.

Most likely, this is a combination of having enabled Autofill on page load and having stored a login item for the master password in the vault (as suggested by @RogerDodger above). Other than disabling auto-fill on page load globally (under settings > options), you could disable the auto-fill on page load option specifically for the Bitwarden Vault login item (if you edit this item, there should be an option to disable the autofill). Alternatively, you can set the URI Match Detection option for the https://vault.bitwarden.com/#/login URI to be Exact instead of Default (which should fix the problem without having to disable auto-fill on page load).

It was the Autofill on page load option causing this in the browser.
Thank you for the quick replies on a Sunday morning!!

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