Login issues related to password length?

I have been using BW for a couple years without issue and now suddenly cannot login on the web vault or IOS app and yes my password is correct…

I have received a “Traffic appears unusual “ error on the web client.

A Username or Password is incorrect . Try again. Error

An account error.

To sanity check I requested a password hint and never received one.(I tried multiple times never comes)

One thing I am wondering is my password is not 12 characters has there been a change that is not recognizing it now?

Need help.

This has nothing to do with your master password.

Please refer to the troubleshooting steps in the following Help Center article:

As noted at the end of the article, if none of the suggestions work, please contact support and provide the required information (as explained in the article). They will usually be able to resolve the problem fairly quickly.

I have made multiple requests to Support. No response. Something strange going on.

  1. Did you try the other troubleshooting suggestions from the article, and if so, what were the results?

  2. Did your help requests to support include all of the required information as specified in the article (the IP address you were using, and whether you were using a VPN, proxy server, or Tor; the Bitwarden client you were using; the UTC timestamp when the error occurred; and the numerical code in the error message)?

  3. Do you have a premium subscription?

I tried the above and do not get the network error. But still getting the wrong username or password. This is nuts.

Do you use 2FA to log in to Bitwarden, and if so, what kind?

Have you recently made any changes to the security settings of your accounts (e.g., changing the master password or email, rotating the account encryption key, or modifying the KDF settings)?

No changes .
No 2fa (using free version)

If you are connecting via your wifi (home or office ISP), try connecting via your mobile (cell) service instead. This error is connection specific.

The network issue is not an issue now it’s not recognizing the username / password on the IOS app and web vault.

Let’s back up a bit:

  1. Can you think back and determine exactly when you were last able to log-in successfully?
  2. Did your last successful log-in attempt require your master password or did you unlock in some other way (biometric, PIN, etc.)?
  3. You mentioned requesting a password hint but never receiving anything via email - do you know if you set one originally?
  4. In case it turns out to be needed, did you make a recent backup (export) of your vault(s)?
  1. Probably last success the 23rd via iOS app
    2 . Master password
  2. It’s been so long but I believe so.
  3. No backup :frowning:

I have the same issue with my master password which is 11 characters, although I have been using face ID login for a long while. Face ID stopped working today, and I cannot use the master password I had written down. I found out the minimum length is 12 characters. How long has 12 characters been the minimum length for Bitwarden master password?

Hey @craycray the new minimum applies to new account creation.