Login dialog for web browser changed for Firefox ESR after update

After an update from Firefox ESR to the 102.90esr version on my Linux box (SparkyLinux), the dialog screen or window in the web browser suddenly changed. I went from this:


To this:


My Windows Firefox (and Chrome, for that matter) still shows the login dialog as shown above. Versions for both Linux and Windows Firefox remains the same, 2023.2.1., updated on February. What I found odd is that any update or facelift in the interface usually shows first in the Windows versions, rather than the Linux versions. Any idea what happened here? Is this a legit change that is being rolled out?

The first screenshot is an unlock screen, the second screenshot is a login screen. Are you saying that you were shown the unlock screen, and then it switched over to the login screen (indicating that you were logged out when attempting to unlock)?

Sorry, I was not able to paste all the images, my account is restricted to two links per post:


The three first pics are what I used to see prior to the update, the last two are how I see it now. What I find odd is that my the options and display are completely different. My account is still logged in (my personal email or user is still on the box as the account to be used) but there are options that I’ve never seen before on previous iterations of this login dialog, such as “Login with device”, or “Enterprise single login.” Before, when I was not logged in, the extension icon was displayed in color, with a lock on it. Right now it shows simply as greyed out. If I was completely logged out, the dialog would require me to enter both user and password, but my user is still there. I just want to confirm that this interface change is legit.

No, you are not logged in. Your email is “still on the box”, because you enabled the option “Remember email” (see checkbox in the screenshot):


Go ahead and complete the login process, and then lock your vault (do not log out). You should then see the unlock screen again.