(Logged in as __$1__ on bitwarden.com) keeps showing up when I come back to my computer but that is not me

When I come back to my laptop, my vault has closed as expected but the screen now says somebody else named “$1” is who is logged in on Bitwarden.com instead of me. Further, hitting “Log Out” doesn’t work, I have to close the tab and start over, logging in as me. I am not too panicky, as I don’t see how they would have my Master Password to open the vault, and I have 2fa on everything important. But I don’t like this, and wondered if anyone else has run across such.

Hello @Knute - welcome to the community forums!

This is an weird glitch that pops up on the rare occassion, but is harmless. Your URL is probably something like this right now:

Try this: erase the current URL on your browser and enter this instead: https://vault.bitwarden.com/

If that doesn’t fix it right away, it will probably disappear after you login again.

Let us know how you make out. Cheers!

(SOLVED) That word “harmless” was a delightful word to see, and I appreciate your quick comeback. And my URL did have a “/lock” at the end so I will see what happens in the near future. Nice to have an answer to a distressing puzzle.

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