Log item deletes in event log

Entries appear in the event log when items are created but not when they are deleted. This makes forensic investigations of what happened when someone screws up rather more difficult. :-/ Events should be logged when items are deleted.

Item deletes and vault purges are logged. Example:

Maybe login item deletions are are logged but secure note deletions are not? All I can tell you is that I just created a secure note in my organization and then deleted it a minute later and the creation was logged but the deletion was not. Is this something I should open a bug report about?

I indeed see “Deleted item” log in our event log back on December 11, but none since then, even though I know for a fact that items have been deleted since then.

Event logs can be delayed by up to 60 seconds sometimes. Does the secure note delete show up now? What if you try again?

It has been more than sixty seconds. The deletion was not logged.

In addition I’m fairly certain one of my coworkers deleted eight items earlier today, and none of them were logged.

Issue filed:

Closing since being tracked on GitHub as bug.