Log in with multiple Bitwarden user accounts


This can be solved, by not allowing the personal account access to business account.
So only business accounts can access personal accounts. One way access.

Or if there is two way access. Policies from the business account, password strength, required two factor etc. Should just affect the personal account. Policies is feature I would like too.


You’re still mingling data, which is usually frowned upon. I know in some casual work environments no one cares. I work in an enterprise environment and I do not want any mixing of personal and business data.

Trust me, bad things can and do happen.

Honestly, why is it so terrible to use two accounts? This makes a very clear distinction between the system you’re logging into and its purpose.


Well if it’s a policy thing, then it can just be disabled by default, and you won’t have to worry about it.

I really think it depends on the business model. But allowing by allowing this, why should the customer then use another password manager? There can be business value in allowing this. For the IT professional, it also about sharing the importance of using a password manager. By helping client stay safe also at home.


same for me, separated personal and professional its really important. if you want to implement massively bitwarden in companies, most of the CISO will claim the possibility to separate personal and professional


Instead of mixing/linking both accounts, wouldn’t it be much easier to have two seperate logins on the clients (browser, mobile, etc) and have the client offer you something like a unified search / autofill? IMHO this feature is quite important as you have to currently either do everything on one Bitwarden instance (bad, esp. if your company has it on premise) or use two seperate password managers (inconvinient²).


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Yupp, agree to this feature. This is the major drawback for not signing up my company. It is already a minor pain to use bitwarden on a personal level, but this minor pain is worth the added security, but then signing up a business and needing to constantly switch back and forth between accounts…would love to be able to avoid that.


I also happen to need this.

My current password management setting involves 3 KeePass databases. (a personnal one, and two other for companies I work with).

In KeeWeb (my KeePass client), I can quickly switch from one database to another:


I’m currently deploying two separate Bitwarden servers (a personal one, and one for my company), and I’d like to have a similar behaviour. Unfortunately, it’s not possible, I have to logout, change the server URL in the client settings and relogin, which is really tedious.

I really don’t care about unified search or linking accounts together, I’d rather have a simple way to quickly switch from an account to another. Something like a configurable list of identifies, to add a bitwarden URL and user email, and a dropdown on the login form to pick the one you want to use before filling in your master password. Since it’s purely a client side change, I believe it could also be simpler to implement (but I may be wrong).