Log in Windows App by approving from Mobile Device

I am using Bitwarden (Argon defaults) on

  1. Windows Application on Win 11
  2. One Android Phone
  3. One iPhone

I can use ‘Log in with Device’ on either of the mobile devices by approving the request on the the other mobile device or the Windows app. All works fine.

However, when I try to use ‘Log in with Device’ on the Windows App, it doesn’t work. I get the approval notification on both the Android phone and iPhone. I verify the correct phrase, and click on Approve.
But nothing happens on the Windows App. I have to end up using the Master password.

Hey @Altamash_Sh can you confirm the version number you are running? Have you enabled ‘approve login requests’ in the desktop app settings?

Hi @bw-admin

The versions are:

  1. Windows App
    Version 2023.5.0
    Shell 24.1.1
    Renderer 112.0.5615.50
    Node 18.14.0
    Architecture x64

  2. Android Phone
    Version 2023.5.0 (6330)

  3. iPhone
    Version 2023.5.0 (3430)

‘Approve Login Requests’ is enabled in all three devices. As mentioned, I am able to

  1. Login to Android by approving from either the iPhone or the Windows App
  2. Login iPhone by approving from either the Android phone or the Windows App
  3. Able to see, verify, and click on Approve to login requests for the Windows App on both iPhone and the Android phone. It just doesn’t actually login to the Windows App when I approve from either of the mobile devices.

Thanks for confirmation, have you tried reinstalling or toggle off/on the approve login requests function in the desktop app?

Hi @bw-admin

I re-installed the Windows Desktop app and it works now.
Thanks for your support!