Log in impossible since hCaptcha deployed


Since hCaptcha deployment I cannot log in to my account via :

  • Up to date Clean OSX Chrome profile (no plugins)
  • Same problem via Safari
  • Via desktop or browser extension

I do not want to test via the iOs app as I don’t want to be block out my data.

Am I the only one ?

No, you are not the only one. Here is a discussion about it.

Thanks, i’ll cross post over there

Thanks for the feedback everyone, this may be an issue related to an incorrect username. Please verify the email account associated with your Bitwarden account. You can also contact us using the email you provided, so that we can verify the account from our end.

Indeed it was me entering the wrong username (I was sure I updated it earlier this month)
Sorry for the noise I panicked when I realised I could be logged of for an “unexpected reason”

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