Lock Vault Option on Mac via Contextual Menu (aka right-click)

BitWarden already has a Contextual Menu on the Mac (the menu accessed by right-clicking or CTRL-Clicking). Simply add the option to lock the BW vault (and be sure it locks both the extension and the master vault - see #3 below).


  1. Locking the extension without the shortcut is cumbersome. It requires clicking on the extension, heading to “Settings,” scrolling down and clicking “Lock Now” (which oddly has an arrow in the field whereas it should simply lock and change the text to an “Unlock” option).
  2. We’re currently experiencing an issue where the lock vault shortcut is not working. This would give us a quick, easy patch to at least to lock the extension (see #3)
  3. Locking the master vault from the menu bar often does NOT lock the Safari extension. Locking the extension never seems to lock the master vault. Therefore, the Right-click on the menu bar icon is insufficient.
  4. Adding the “Lock” option the contextual menu is a fast, easy feature to add.