Lock Vault on system lock, logoff or shutdown ONLY

Surely I cannot be the only person who does not want to have to enter their password or pin every single time they start their browser?

I come from a Mac environment to Windows and on the Mac I am used to (habitually) closing Chrome when I have finished with it, but on a Mac, it stays open in the background so LastPass never locks until I log off.

With BW on Windows, it locks every time I close the browser, and then on opening it again, I have to key my password again.

All I want is to boot up in the morning, enter my BW key and then have the vault open for the day, or until I log off. Would this be terribly difficult to implement?

The timed lock settings do not work - the vault locks on browser close, anyway. The PIN unlock is not suitable because that survives system lock and allows PIN opening of the vault in subsequent sessions - not what I want.

Hopefully you could look at this?


Do you think your use case might fit within the frame work of this other request that is similar (see below) - basically it divides the log out and lock settings as two separate features with individual timeouts/triggers. If so, come over and vote for that one and discuss there to concentrate efforts.

Divide the Vault Timeout option (Support different events for lock vs. logout)

Add a selection of “On System Lock” and “On Browser Restart” in vault timeout. In some occation we need to walk away from computer for a while such as for a meeting . But in some time we have locked the system but need to ask someone to access the computer for some forgotten files, so we can tell him the system password but we don’t want to expose the bitwarden password.
And so for the other occation just restart the browser but not lock the system.
I think this is a useful function and its’s easy to perform.

Feature name

  • lock on hybernate/standby/poweroff

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently? → It will lock the vault only when the PC enter the hibernate/sleep/poweroff state
  • What benefits will this feature bring? → I never close Firefox (I’ve got hundreds of tabs open) and I constantly use the password manager, and the password of my office PC can be reset by the administrator and, since in the vault I’ve got…well…everything, I’m really worried about my privacy.

I use “Open previous windows and tabs” option in the browser to persist my multiple hordes of tabs and make sure tabs don’t accidentally get lost, at least until I can go through and close them all out (at least that’s what I tell myself I will do one day … eventually) :joy:

The browser extension also has in SettingsVault Timeout the option for On Browser Restart
This will mean in the event that Firefox is closed or the computer is reset, once Firefox is opened again all previous tabs will be restored but Bitwarden will remain locked until unlocked by you with your master password.

It also appears that the Chromium variants of the browser extension (i.e Chrome, Edge, and I imagine Opera, Brave, Vivaldi etc.) also have an additional option for On System Lock in which case you should be able to apply any other type of power settings to hibernate/standby/poweroff the PC after x time and lock the PC after hibernate etc.