Lock desktop vault on minimize

Feature name

Lock on minimize

Feature function

The BitWarden desktop client should have a feature to lock the vault when the app is minimized. I currently have it set to system lock, but what if someone hops on my computer? I’m screwed. I could set it to time-based, but then it’s inconvenient, either locking while in use or locking long after it’s been used. Allowing BitWarden to lock the vault on minimize will lock it automatically when I’m done using it.

To take it a step further, BitWarden could enable users to set multiple vault-locking actions. Yes, I want it to lock when I minimize it, but what if I forget? I’d want it to lock when my system locks as well, or after a certain period of time has passed. Perhaps this should be a separate feature, but it would be useful if you can specify multiple events to lock the BitWarden vault.