Lock button in Chrome extension

If I want to lock my Chrome Bitwarden extension I have click on the extension, go to “Settings” and then click on “Lock now”.

It would be really helpful if when you click the Chrome Bitwarden extension and it opens the “Tab” page there is an immediate and easy to find button to “Lock now”, rather than burying it in “Settings”.


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You can also use a keyboard shortcut

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That’s helpful - I just configured that on chrome://extensions/shortcuts! Thank you


Thanks - I’ve added a keyboard shortcut to “Lock the vault” and selected “Global” rather than “in Chrome”, but if I press the keyboard shortcut it locks the Bitwarden vault in my Chrome extension but NOT the Bitwarden Windows desktop app. Can you advise? Thank you.

The desktop app has its own set of shortcuts in the file menus, so the chrome shortcut won’t perform the action. I believe the ‘global’ option just means that the chrome window doesn’t need focus for the shortcut to work.

Screen Shot 2021-04-14 at 10.28.08 AM

Got it, thanks.

Here’s something weird then - I set the keyboard shortcut lock as “Ctrl+L” in the Chrome extension, which is also the same as the shortcut in the Windows desktop app. If I do that it somehow interferes with the desktop app so Ctrl+L no longer works on the desktop app when that window is the one in focus. It is as if “Ctrl+L” can either be on the desktop app or Chrome extension but not both. Is that strange? THanks

To use it for both, you’d want to limit the scope to just Chrome. Otherwise you’d need to define a different global lock shortcut.

Thanks - this works!

Having a lock button in the browser extension option menu would be great.

Really missing the “lock now” button on handier location. I consider it just as important (if not more) as the “add item” button that’s sort of always there.

Thanks for the feedback! Have you tried the keyboard shortcut suggested above?

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Just did.
Works pretty good after configured. Thanks!
Doesn’t beat the actual button since I’ll mostly be interacting with mouse but it’s a damn nice alternative :+1:

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Yes. Have been looking for this. Signed up to the community to put in a feature request.

I have too many keyboard shortcuts that are overlapping with each other.

Suggest it to be at the top near the search bar or perhaps a right click menu option on the extension icon. I usually would unlock and access the vault, then immediately lock. Currently, unlock is nice because immediately after the password, it would access directly the current page. However, to lock requires multiple steps.

Preferred flow is unlock > …access as necessary … > lock.

Alternatively, perhaps adding one or two more timeout values in between the current “Immediate” and 1 minute. Say 10-15 second and 30 seconds.

Please add a lock button on top.
the shortcut key is not helping.
Here I already edited the UX design

The Plus button is inside the Search vault.
what ever they type in the search field will appear anyway on the list so adding a [+] button there will create a new log in with what the user had already type in the search bar automatically as the Name of the item.