Lock Bitwarden app without actually locking the Vault

Hi all,

Thinking of doing a feature request but just wanted to make sure that what I’m looking for doesn’t exist. So the thing is: when using the mobile app (Android user here), I find myself letting the vault to “always unlocked” for its convenience. The inline autofill option makes it so that I can easily see the name of the credential I’m looking for which is super helpful, especially for multiple accounts of a same service. However, this lets the app always unlocked, so if for any reason I forget to lock my phone and someone gets in, my vault is widely available.

If I put the app lock settings to “immediately”, I of course don’t have this fear anymore. The problem is, I can’t see the credentials for the login with the autofill options, be it inline or traditional autofill; I have to get into the app, unlock it, and then choose the credential.

I wonder if there is a way of having the vault always unlocked so that I can see my credentials within the autofill options, but at the same time having the app locked to prevent from getting into the app easily. This would let me use credentials without needing to do these few extra steps, and getting into the actual vault (opening the app) would require an unlocking of some sort, that way security and convenience would be in total symbiosis.

Hope it’s all clear. Thanks in advance for any suggestion!