Lock app vault when screen is turned off

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Topic in forum, but not created as a feature request.

Feature name

Lock app vault when screen is turned off

Feature function

This would lock the app vault when the screen/display is locked.

Presently, there are only 2 options… Lock on time or upon app restart.

Having this option would allow use until screen is locked.

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Hi @cableghost! Any of the topics in the feature request category are considered feature requests automatically. I can merge the threads if you’d like.

Just checking in - is this a feature that’s in the backlog or in development? I would like to have it, as to me it makes a lot of sense.

If I have biometrics enabled in Bitwarden, obviously if I lose my phone and screen is off, someone finding it can’t log in, whether Bitwarden has been locked or not as they would need my fingerprint.

The security hole there IMO is the backup login method on Android, either the PIN or the pattern. It’s relatively easy to look over someone’s shoulder and figure out the pattern or the PIN. Then you leave your phone unattended for 5 minutes, someone grabs it, opens Bitwarden that’s still unlocked as it’s been less than 15 minutes since you unlocked it, and has access to everything.

That’s kind of solved if Bitwarden is locked as soon as the screen is turned off. I think even better would be a hybrid (screen lock OR 15 minutes, whichever comes first) but only screen lock would already be great.