List of collections from an item doesn't appear


My user has the Manager role, and I have access to manage all collections and items, but when I try to manage (add/remove) or at least see in which collections an item is, the list is empty, even being certain that there are collections assigned to that item, it shows the message “There are no collections to list.”.

The item appears for users inside its collections, but once I finish creating an item, I’m not able to see the collections assigned to this item ever again.

I believe this is a bug unless there is a reason for this to not appear, but it used to work normally in the past and stopped working a few months ago.

Hello @andreferraz - welcome to the forums! And sorry to hear you are having issues accessing items within your collections.

It sounds like your view access to the collection may have not been set correctly, even though you are a manager. You might want to ask your organization’s admin user to verify that you have the necessary privileges to view the collection (that can be granted independently of your user role assignment). Cheers!