List of all existing keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys)

Where can I find a list of all Bitwarden keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys)?

You neither mentioned the OS nor if it is the app or the extension you are asking about.
So I assume this is for Windows and a browser like Google Chrome.

Some basic information on keyboard shortcuts can be found here:

Something that unfortunately is not mentioned there is that pressing Ctrl + Shift + L repeatedly will loop through all available logins.

Furthermore there is Ctrl + Shift + Y to select the Bitwarden extension. This is especially helpful if Bitwarden has not been unlocked before.

If the hotkeys do not seem to work see here for some more information:


I see one on that page. Are there more? Apparently so: Earlier I ran across another one: On Windows: Ctrl + Shift + Y. (And you mention it here as well.)

I now see at chrome://extensions/shortcuts that there appear to be four possible shortcuts.

Also as you mentioned, there is no mention (on Bitwarden’s site) of repeatedly pressing a shortcut key combo for additional functionality. Thank you very much for that tip.

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I don’t know if this has just been updated, but when I go to that help page I see the following message:

If there are multiple Login items with the detected URI, the last-used login will be used for the auto-fill operation. You can cycle through multiple Logins by repeatedly using the keyboard shortcut


@danmullen: Oh yes, now I see it. Thank you Dan.

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I’ve created a thread talking about this before. I’d recommend you to check it out too.