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List by New

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    In the vault there should be an option to list by new

  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    When you the newest additions to the vault will be at the top

Often, when you sign up to a site, they will redirect you to a third party authenticator.
When you finish signing up, and get back to the log in, and cant remember the cryptic name of the 3rd party authenticator, it would be good to list by new, so that the name of the authenticator will be at the top, where you can find it.

This happens to me often, recently:

I sign up for filmstaden here in Sweden, their authenticator was something like or some nonsense. When I go to the login page on mobile there are no items in my vault associated with filmstaden…what was the name of the authenticator? contact21…contactb1…I do not remember!

So I must go back to log in, start the sign up process again to find connect21 (or whatever)

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