Linux Fingerprint and/or Biometric support

+1 Fingerprint Reader Web Extension | A Web Extension to integrate web applications with fingerprint readers. This might help.

Adding my vote for this feature

+1 for this feature.

Really hope to this feature soon.

I also created account to vote for this feature. It would be great experience to can unlock vault with fingerprint, to confirm sudo with fingerprint, and to unlock notebook also with fingerprint. Linux requires password very often, and it is great relief for user to just use fingerprint – with similar level of security. It sounds for me like a dream :smiley:

Another vote from me! I use libfprint fingerprint authorization for login and everything else already, using it for Bitwarden too would be ideal.


i just wondered why this isn’t a thing already. Here is my vote

While I am happily supporting the project without this, I think it would be a huge overall QoL improvement.

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For me it’s crucial.
Without that I can not move from iOS/MacOs to Android/Linux. I preffer not Apple way.

If it will be implemented, next step for me is to use payed version because it have all I needed.

Works on Android, but yes, Linux support would be really nice!

I support this one too!

Just signed up this forum to say that I support this feature, too. I am using libfprintf and Howdy (IR Facial Recognition) and would love to be finally able to 1:1 replace my former Windows Desktop.

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Also signed up to just say that I’d gladly buy premium and convince my whole family to use Bitwarden if biometrics were available on Linux.