Linked passwords/masked entries

Feature name

Linked passwords/masked entries

Feature function

Share a password between two entries, like a symbolic link. Or override values of an entry in a child entry.

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I work for a very large company that has many systems behind an AD login. I have a username, foo and a password fooPassword.

Two years ago this company merged with an even larger corporation. Our systems were merged with theirs along with the AD. Now I have a new username bar and still the password fooPassword. However, some services have retained the old username, foo. For every service using bar I have a Bitwarden entry with bar and fooPassword and for every legacy service using foo I have another entry with foo and fooPassword.

When I have to update my password every 90 days I must update it on both entries. I think it would be nice if I could have some kind of linked password for my foo entry to the new bar entry, or maybe it could be a whole “mask” feature where you can create a “mask” entry and override values of the children like OOP inheritance.

I realize the reward/effort is probably negative and I should just shut up and update my entries every 90 days but I’m very happy with Bitwarden, this is just one of the few instances of friction I’ve dealt with.

Thank you for making Bitwarden.

I would like to be able to link a username to another username entry, a password to another password entry. Also, I’d like the ability to create a master username/password entry with the ability for child entries to inherit the username and password. Maybe have a folder store a username/password and all child items would inherit these values by default.