Link to `<URL>/.well-known/change-password` when password is detected as compromised

Feature name

  • Link to <URL>/.well-known/change-password when password is detected as compromised.

Feature function

A new standard is in the works that proposes to redirect <URL>/.well-known/change-password to the webpage for changing your password for the respective site.

Some examples:

Using this Bitwarden could show a link to <URL>/.well-known/change-password when a password is detected as compromised.

Scenario: User clicks on :white_check_mark: next to their password to see whether it has been compromised. Bitwarden detects the password as compromised and warns the user. Bitwarden then offers the user a link to reset their password.


  • Far from all sites support the /.well-known/change-password redirect so Bitwarden would have to check first whether the server returns a 404.

  • A site may not return a 404 but the redirect still doesn’t exist (i.e. misconfigured server). Will have to find a way to deal with that.

  • If a user has multiple URLs added, one needs to be chosen for showing the link. I’d suggest using the same as is used for generating the icon, i.e. the first.

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