Limit on URLs to a login

I am looking for a good solution for my changing of passwords for my domain accounts. At this moment whenever I update my domain password I need to update a bunch of login accounts in bitwarden due to the number of internal webpages that I access that use my domain account. Since I don’t see a mass edit feature I was thinking the only other workaround might be to have a lot of URLs tied to a domain login. Is there a limit to the number or URLs you can have tied to a login in bitwarden?

Hi @0ldAdmin - welcome to the community forums!

It makes a lot of sense to create only one Bitwarden entry per each set of credentials (login/password combo) and add multiple URLs/URIs to them. I don’t believe there is a limit, but if there is one it must be very large. I have certainly never encountered a limit and I am in the same boat as you (domain credentials used for a huge number of sites).

The only tricky part is if you domain username is represented inconsistently across the sites you use. For example, ExampleUser on domain sys1 might be entered as:

Bitwarden doesn’t have an elegant way to deal with this, unfortunately. But otherwise, combining your sites by common credentials within BW is the way to go. :+1:

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Thank you @dh024 ! I will work on this today to see if I can’t get this widdled down. I will let you know if I bump into a limit.

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