Licenses from family -> users

When I log into the /admin section of my self hosted server, it says my account has premium (an artifact of having bought a personal license ~2 days ago I’ve requested a refund for), but my wife’s account does not. I have a family license applied to the server.

Is there a step I’m missing to have them both identified as premium? We are the only two users.


Hello John - did you create the family organization already and invite your wife to join it? If not, these are required steps to setup family sharing.

More details can be found here:

Yep, we both have confirmed users in the organization.

If your wife logs in to the web vault interface on your self-hosted server, and checks Account Settings → Subscription, does it indicate a family or premium subscription?

I don’t see a “Subscriptions” under account settings for her account.

It’s not in the sidebar on the left?

It is not. I double checked against my account. I see it on my account, not hers though.

I might suggest you reach out to Bitwarden support to see if they can help, unless someone else here has some ideas?

Thanks, I just shared this thread in my existing license support case!