Let me filter vault content by both type and folder together

Feature name

Filter vault content by both type AND folder

Feature function

- What will this feature do differently?
Currently I can filter my vault content by ONLY type or ONLY folder. For example, I go to Bitwarden Web Vault and click “secure notes”, I can see all notes across all folders. OR if I click “Shopping” folder, I can see all passwords, notes, cards saved in Shopping folder. I currently have no way of seeing only notes in Shopping folder.

This proposed feature will enable me to do that.

- What benefits will this feature bring?
Better control on data access / filtering / visualization. If the user has large number of mixed content types in any number of folders, this filter-subfilter combo will provide better access.

Actually, you can do this already. Select the folder you want to search, and then in the search window type:   >notes:*

Let me know if that worked for you.

More info on full-text (advanced) search syntax here:

That advance search syntax isn’t working for me. In one folder, it is still showing both login, and secure notes in result (though filtered by some criteria, not sure what.) and in other folders, it is not returning anything even though I have some secure notes there.

All I did was click on those folders to show all content of that folder, and then entered type: >notes:* in the search field.

But, even if that worked, that is a convoluted and “advanced” way of searching for something. A filter and sub-filter (essentially choosing two fields to filter something by) would be layman / easier option.

Don’t put type: in the search field and it will work fine.

I was just trying to help since you were convinced there was no way to search for notes within a folder, which can actually be done. I’m sorry that my workaround was too inconvenient for you. :confused:

Even that’s not working as I hoped. It is showing me logins that have entries in their notes section, all cards that have entries in their notes section, and then all items of type secure notes (that are in that folder.)

Sorry if my previous reply sounded rude. I didn’t mean it that way. I appreciate your comment and telling me something I didn’t know. I learnt something new.

My feature request still stands though. I do find this search syntax more complicated than just two clicks that I’m suggesting. It’s almost UI vs CLI.