Launch / Auto fill issue Edge on Android

Hi All,

So I have checked the forums but cannot find anyway having the strange behaviour I see and am hoping someone can give me some advice…

Using launch/autofill with Edge on Windows is fine but when using on Android the following happens :

Launch takes me to the url (no auto-fill of username/password as expected and happens on windows).
Clicking in the username field provides me with 3 options (see image) (autofill with bitwarden - go to my vault), a Blue bitwarden shield and a small globe with the site name. The auto-fill starts a loop back to the vault entry and i need to launch again. The blue bitwarden shield fills the username and password as does the glob icon.

I cannot fathom why the launch does not fill the values on the url, why I get 3 options and why the autofill with bitwarden - go to my vault takes me to bitwarden but selecting the entry does not prefill - it just asks for edit/launch.

Lastly - where/what it the globe icon that just duplicates the b/w shield?

If anyone can help I’d be grateful.