Lastpass Security Features - Bitwarden Needs


I have been trying out Bitwarden for a week now, its been great so far. These are the features that I think would make it even a better product. Thank you developers.

Country Based Geo-IP Block

"By default, LastPass restricts you to the country where your account was created. If you plan to travel internationally, we recommend adding any additional countries to your trusted list. "

Two-Factor Option using Email

This is beneficial for people who have another secured email address but don’t have phone numbers.

Time-Based Delay Exporting and Passphrase Option/Two Factor Confirmation

Exporting is a very important feature, however when an account is compromised and contents have been dumped its game over. In day and age, we should have option to

  • Set delay for exporting and a notification that the task was started.
  • 2 Factor Code is sent to confirm the export.
    An attacker can view the password each time, but it would buy time compared to being able to dump the contents right away.

SMS Based Two Factor using Phone Number (Without Duo App)

This is a feature that can be defeated by SimSwapping, however leaving the free users not being able to add 2FA using SMS leaves us more vulnerable.


Quick note : there is already 2FA with email in the 2FA options. See


One thread per feature might have been better. That way it’d be possible for people to vote for those they care about.