LastPass recently changed their free account policy and many users have flocked to Bitwarden. I'm curious if the developers have any stats they can provide about the spike of new users the service has obtained in the last few days

LastPass recently changed their free plan such that it is only available on either desktop or mobile, but not both. This is most likely a move to press users to join the paid service, and as such many users have reacted by leaving for Bitwarden.

Bitwarden is a great service and I’d love to know how much of an affect this has had on Bitwarden’s signups and how the devs feel about all of this.


We have definitely had an increased number of new users :slight_smile:

We’re genuinely happy that folks are joining our platform and continuing our goal of providing password management for everyone!


I’m one of the BW newbies that bailed on LP… so far, so good!

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Today I’ve deleted my lastpass account and flock into bitwarden XD I prefer to pay 10 dollarts a year optionally than being force to pay 40 dollars a year XD


In our organisation, several individuals were using their own password management solutions (1Password, LastPass, KeyPassXC,… - nobody was using BW yet though, I had to admit). Shared credential management happened in our internal wiki and online spreadsheets.

When LP changed its policy, we could convince management that this was a good moment to start investing in a shared password management policy. After doing some field research, we started a test run half a year ago (with our IT-teams) in which we ironed out the glitches and created some internal documentation. A big job was to clean out all password references in our internal systems and replace them by a text pointing them to BW (important: don’t forget to also purge file history in stuff like wiki’s and Google docs as these are also available in a data breach). Next month, we’ll also be rolling out BW into our other departments, starting off with a short global training session and afterwards per team (each about 10 people) feedback moments.

Really glad and proud we could move into a solution that is both thorougly/formally audited and open source.


I wish that I could say the same thing as you did, WTK0900. :frowning_face:

This is trivial:

I created Dimporterspecial app to help you mapay USB

This move by LP is DEC towards BW.