LastPass Migration Assistance - Resolved

Hi Everyone!

New to BitWarden :slight_smile:

Was a LastPass user and I’m having trouble migrating my data across. LastPass has printed all my details onto a tab, and I’ve followed the guide however regardless of what I do with the CSV and how I paste the data, it appears that BitWarden doesn’t want to accept it. The following error appears:


Any response on this would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

When you say that LastPass has “printed all the details into a tab,” do you mean you can see the CSV formatted export information in a browser tab? If so, how did you save the data (e.g., pasted into a text editor and saved it as the file my_export.csv)? Also, what OS are you on?

All working now! Thanks! I was copying the data directly into a workbook and trying to save into CSV that way.

Thanks for your help!