Lastpass Import - All entries duplicated

I browsed around for import and duplicates and a few variations, and didn’t find anything.

My lastpass export, followed by BW import, “worked” without error messages, but I now have two copies of every item. The contents of the items I hand checked looked OK, other than being duplicated. I checked the csv with a text editor, and don’t see duplicates. I’m a newbie, import is my first BW task, so perhaps I made that newbie mistake. Tried thrice, wiping out the vault after each time (third time using chrome), and all three times it duplicated everything. (win10, BW 2.25.1, web vault interface, safari browser 96.0.2, lastpass 4.88.0)

My lastpass vault has around 2000 password entries; total csv size of about 160k.

Suggestions appreciated.

Well, I guess that’s it for me. If I can’t import, clearly I need to look elsewhere. Sounds like a great project, good luck.

This is happening to me too. First import duplicated everything. Purged. Second import tripled. Purged. 3rd import created 4 copies of everything.

I’ve researched quite a bit, and I’m amazed how this is not focused down. How do they plan to acquire new customers if imports work like crap? Only focusing on non-password saving customers?

I’m seeing this too but I think its an issue with LastPass. I noticed the duplicated entries within the export csv that LastPass produces

I ended up fairly painstakingly deduping the csv manually and then importing which worked perfectly

It’s a LastPass problem.

I checked the CSV file download and my entries were in triplicate!

All I did was copy the first cell and did a search and deleted everything below the next find. Hope this makes sense? Saved the CSV and then imported it into bitwarden, I also deleted the groups column!

At any rate, all entries were correctly imported.

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I confirm the problem. LastPass export contains duplicates and they are scattered all over the file. If you have multiline secret notes then deduplication is quite tricky.
I tried export using Chrome Extension and via LastPass webpage. Both times there were many duplicates.

To solve the problem I did Web Vault Export using Incognito Chrome. Then the file was rendered in a browser and it didn’t contain any duplicates.