🔴 LAST UPDATE BUG: Digital Finger not work anymore

Since last update (today),
Impossible to use finger digit for login in app chrome:

“Awaiting confirmation from desktop application”

MacBook Pro M1
Ventura last version

I have try to exit desktop app, launch again,

Reboot !

But not work since last update :confused:

Thanks !

Unfortunately, I have the same problem :face_with_head_bandage:

I have send message to support and support say to me:

As a first step, would you please try to reinstall all Bitwarden software on this machine, ensuring that you remove any leftover files when uninstalling:

Storage | Bitwarden Help Center


Let me know how you get on.

Kindest regards,


But i no want to all uninstall and reinstall …

It’s not the 1st time this has happened and usually the team updates and it works again but the question is how long before they update :sweat_smile:

Same here on macos and firefox. The App has been updated and I guess the browser plugin needs an update.

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Update. Uninstalled app. Reinstalled, reconfigured (not that much to do). Also uninstalled and reinstalled browser plugin (probably not needed).

All working again.

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Stopped working after a day. Time for them fixing bugs…

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I do nothing i use PIN CODE …

But YES need to FIX PLEASE !!!

Same issue here as well. Just stopped working. I typically just use pincode to sign in but now requires master password when I use firefox extension. If I try to keep bitwarden app open it just constantly requires me to approve desktop confirmation. I do that, and then another approval popup comes on from the firefox extension. So the only way to get in is to sign out of app and then enter master password every time I need access to bitwarden. A huge pain. Please fix this bitwarden!

Support confirm need to wait and use PIN until update coming

Thanks for the screenshots!

We have made some changes to the way that biometrics work in this release. Please wait until both your desktop app and your client apps are updated to 2023.8.2 - this will restore biometric functionality.

Right now it isn’t working because of the 2023.7.0 on your extension. The updates for that are rolling out and expected to be completed soon!

In the meantime, please unlock your client apps using the master password or PIN.

I apologize for the inconvenience.



2023.8.2 actually breaks it further. Windows Hello will no longer unlock Firefox extension. Popup activates, but nothing happens when you hit OK

So we have 2.8.2 app version on MACOS now but firefox extension is 2.7.1. Chrome extension is 2.8 and works.

when can we get the firefox extension updated. I see it on git hub but it is unsigned so firefox will not load it.

+1 same here, but only on iOS/iPadOS with Safari browser, macOS works fine.

I’ve de- and re-installed the app but no changes.

:white_check_mark: Fixed, thanks team,

Topic can close this topic

Fixed how?
Still no update for firefox and macos update…

I not use Firefox then i dont test BUT,
Working now on:
:white_check_mark: Chrome,
:white_check_mark: Opera
:white_check_mark: Safari

I not use Firefox

Yeah, that’s exactly the problem here. I’m on Firefox (LibreWolf to be exact) on macOS, and the issue is still here.

I’m on Apple devices only and after an update to version iOS/iPadOS 17, the issue is still ongoing with Safari. On macOS it’s fine. :thinking:

PS: re-installed BW on both devices, adding/activating the browser extension again. No success!

[edit:] using the share button on iOS to fill in the login forms, the app crashes. With auto fill-in it works, which I don’t prefer for security reasons.


With today’s update to version BW 2023.9.0 (4859), the previous issue is fixed! (iOS & iPadOS). :+1:t2: