Lag during login, then app becomes unresponsive

Until recently I had no issues with the BW mobile app on my Pixel 7. Now, when logging in (with Master PW, PIN or Biometric) there is a 3-5 second delay before the BW app opens and it almost immediately becomes “unresponsive”. I can delay the inevitable a few times by selecting to “wait for the application”, but the app will crash. I can recreate this on demand.

Are there any known issues with perhaps the latest Android OS (14) or recent security updates?

Miraculously, the app is working just fine again as of a few minutes ago ! I had opened a support case in parallel to this post, but I hadn’t even responded to their initial request for details yet :wink:

But the techie in me would like to know how the issue was resolved?

I don’t know how or the details. All I know is that there have been reports of login/sync failure on browser extensions, app (windows, linux), and now Mobile (your problem sounds enough like a sync problem for me).

The “solutions” to the problem are something that you wouldn’t think that they would “fix” the problem: 1) manual sync, 2) logging out and in and manual sync, sometimes repeatedly. I personally am trying not to logout of my desktop app until the next release (which is happening in ~24 hours).

The significant changes that they are working on that might be related include passkey login and Manifest V2->V3.