Lack of synchronization

I have 2 browsers. On both, I have the Bitwarden extension installed on the same account. If I create or modify login data in the Bitwarden extension on one browser, why don’t the same data appear on the other browser, even if I press Synchronization button?

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Most likely, the one that is not showing the new entry is having a sync problem, even when it appears to sync successfully. You can try this:

  1. Try logging in to your web vault to see if the new entry shows up. If it does, this may confirm the problem.
  2. In the extension not showing the new entry, can you add an entry? If you can’t, this may confirm the problem. When you can’t add/modify entries in a client, that client is having a sync problem, because the changes get pushed to the server immediately, and the client may give an error when not being able to do so.
  3. The problem may be fixed by logging out and then logging in with the misbehaving extension/client.
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