Keyboard shortcut for identity fill?

It does not seem to exist, is this right? I can only see two keyboard shortcuts. :frowning:

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This is correct.

But there are so many more… :wink:


This is for Google Chrome:
⋮ (= 3 dots in the top right corner) → More tools → Extensions → ≡ (= 3 horizontal bars in the top left corner) → Keyboard shortcuts → Select Bitwarden

Thanks! It’s really odd there’s no identity fill shortcut.

CTRL + Shift + Y works, but CTRL + Shift + L often does nothing at all. Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

Do you use more than 1 browser at the same time? If yes: Figure out when it works and when it does not. I had the issue that even though Bitwarden worked fine with each of these browsers (let’s call them: browser1 and browser2) if only one of them was running. It turned out that starting browser1 and then browser2 was ok for both, but first starting browser2 first and then browser1 caused browser1 not to support that shortcut anymore.

Something else that can cause issues is important for owners of an AMD graphics card if the Radeon Software is installed as it already occupies that shortcut. To deactivate this start the Radeon Software, go to Hotkeys, look for Performance Hotkeys and remove the shortcut for Toggle Performance Logging:

And finally: Check if any other software you have installed already uses this shortcut.


Thanks so much for your reply.

No, only using 1 browser at a time. No AMD here. How can I check if any other software uses the same shorcut? Nothing is activated when I press it, though.

Some more ideas:

  • Make sure that the Bitwarden badge shows at least a 1: image
    If it does not then the reason is that either no or an incorrect URI was assigned. By the way: This is another good reason to stick to using those numbers.

  • If it never works for certain website perhaps they do not support adding data. Can you provide the address of a website that does not work?

  • You can also try this:
    Go to ⋮ (= 3 dots in the top right corner) → More tools → Extensions → ≡ (= 3 horizontal bars in the top left corner) → Keyboard shortcuts → Select Bitwarden then assign a different shortcut like Ctrl + Shift + K
    I however only would use this for testing.

  • While you are there check if perhaps another extension is using Ctrl + Shift + L as a shortcut.

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Thank you! I did check all of that:

  • The badge is showing 1 (or 2+)
  • It does not work 95% of the time for me
  • Only Bitwarden has this shortcut combination

The odd thing is, CTRL+ Shift + Y to open the vault works…

That really is strange as for me it does work definitely more than 95% of the time.
Which OS and which browser(s) do you use? Please tell us a website that does not work for you.

There doesn’t appear to be any easy way to generate a list of Global Keyboard Shortcuts on a Windows system. I did find this slightly complicated vbs script method that generates a file with a list of the current shortcuts on your pc.

I agree with the above comment that working 95% of the time is a huge red flag for some kind of conflict. Computers don’t choose to work or not work. At least this script might tell you what other program is using the shortcut.

I would reboot my system, and then before opening my browser(with Bitwarden plugin) I would run the script to see if any other program has registered the Shift/CTRL/L shortcut.

I do not endorse this website or take any responsibility for you screwing up your computer by doing something wrong.

VBS script:

Details on running a vbs script:

Windows 10, Vivaldi. I have been checking, and I can’t actually get Ctrl + Shift + L to work at all. On any website.

Thanks! I tried that, it only gave me “Alt+Ctrl+K” for Amazon Kindle?

Vivaldi was unexpected. However, this works for me with this browser:


I’ve noticed a similar issue with BW not filling fields reliably. I would say its less than 95% for me, BW fails to fill my gmail password 30 to 40% of the time. I have to reload the page to get it to fill or use the context menu fill option. I suspect its a BW addon coding issue. The addon is a resource hog, when I click the icon in my browser to view the tabs, its very slow to open. Slow to the point that I click it again thinking the click didn’t register, only to have it finally open and then close again due to the second click. I’m seriously looking at going back to LastPass.

For me it just works. I even make use of the custom fields to simplify filling in default data when working with the web based version of SAP on Chrome in Windows 10.

Its entirely possible that the issue is with Firefox or some addon I have installed. But somehow I never had any issues with LastPass. Chrome is far less feature rich than Firefox, so it could be a browser issue as well. Chrome is more of a barebone deal.

Other than gmail, I have not noticed the issue on any other site. One possible reason is that I have multiple gmail logins and BW is trying to fill the last login I used which its built in behavior, but somehow that seems to be a problem for the addon. Seems like it loses the username/password connection in the dual login flow and so just sits there at the password prompt.