Keyboard disabled by 'Enable auto-fill on page load'

I’m using Bitwarden free on my Windows laptop, via the Edge browser extension. I have the ‘Enable auto-fill on page load’ option ticked. It all works fine, but after I’ve launched a number of web pages with Bitwarden, and it’s auto-filled the login info, I’m finding that the keyboard is partially disabled - I can’t type any characters although the function buttons such as Home, Delete etc still work. The only way I can get the keyboard to operate again is to reboot. I’ve had the problem on two different laptops - an old HP and a new Lenovo.
I’d appreciate a fix in an upcoming release - thanks.

Software versions in use:

  • Bitwarden browser extension for Edge: 1.49.0
  • Edge browser: 90.0.818.41 (Official build) (64-bit)
  • Windows 10: Home edition, 10.0.19042 Build 19042.

Welcome @Legin!

I’ve moved this to the user-user support topic to see if others are experiencing this.

If so, can you, or someone else experiencing the problem, file a GitHub issue here: Issues · bitwarden/browser · GitHub - this allows the engineering team to be aware and track progress towards any needed fixes.

If you’d like - you can also reach out to our amazing support team at and they can assist in some troubleshooting.


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