KeePass2 import field exceeds maximum length

I understand the problem but I don’t know how to find the record (Cipher 323) in the KeePass2 xml export file with a text editor. FWIW, it’s large file, maybe 130 password records. Hep me, hep me, please. Thank you.

Capture 2020-05-17@01-12-44_crop

A search here turned up one similar topic but no answers. Sorry about this being a new topic. :roll_eyes:

Since no one else responded, I just wanted to point out that it says the “Notes” field is too large for one of your entries. You could just open the file and look for a record with a crazy amount of text in the “Notes” field. And that “Cihpers[323]” I don’t think is a record name. I would guess it’s the 323rd record in the file you’re importing.

Thank you for responding here.

I looked at the export CSV file in Excel and found Java scripts (JSON) buried in the NOTES field of several records. I found the largest of those and surgically removed it. Then the import operation succeeded. I did more such surgery on the import file, cleared all records from BW then re-imported the file. That surgery reduced the import file by half to 73KB.

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