Keep window open or auto save when adding a new item in browser plugins

Often I sign up for an account on a website while simultaneously adding it to bitwarden. Several times after clicking ‘new item’ I use the password generator to make a password, and then click back to the website to paste the generated password in, forgetting to click save on the new entry in Bitwarden. So I think it’s saved, when in fact the entry is gone. It would be nice if it either auto saved, retained the state, or kept the plugin window open until an item is saved.

Yeah, that’s true. It’s a frustration as I want to keep the browser popup open and click somewhere else and then… It’s gone. (No South Park pun intended here. :roll_eyes:)

Well, my suggestion would be to keep the overlay popup attached to the current tab, but that would bring some background security issues that have to be studied first. Requires some software engineering as well to make sure no breaches are left behind.

Erm, what I meant here is about keeping the detached popup (small window) linked to the current tab. That would solve the problem (partially). But what people have been expecting for years is to have the current popup browser extension to auto-save the unfinished entries. That also would bring some security issues, if you’re in public places, so it also has to be reviewed thoroughly.

There’s a post somewhere talking about it, but I’m kinda in a hurry here. I can come back later and leave the link here. I’ll be owing ya at this time, sorry.

But yes, that can be implemented, in future. Just be patient. :sweat_smile:

I also had this Problem. I would really like it if there was an Auto Safe or at least a Prompt, which warns me, that the Item isnt safed.

Sometimes I’m hopping around between tabs / applications to get passwords into the firefox plugin dialog. It is super painful when I forget to copy the password from the orginal location first and then click off the dialog and it just closes.

To avoid this issue once and for all I have changed the order of how I do things nowadays: I first create / change everything in Bitwarden, then save it and only then I make the adjustments on the webpage or in the app.