Join cloud-hosted (private) organization with an self-hosted (office) account


I want to connect my private BW account and my business account,so that I can access my private passwords in at office as well. So I’ve created a organisation for my private passwords and tried to join it with my office account. Since my company uses a self-hosted BW, I couldn’t login to the web vault with my office account (at least I guess this is the reason) to confirm the invitation to my private organisation.
Is there any chance to do that anyway?
It is a small company, so I think our admin won’t refuse to make (minor) changes to our companies BW organisation, if this would help to make it work.
I also own a private webhost, so I could switch to a self-hosted BW with my private account/organisation as well, if this would solve the problem.

Thanks in advance!
Best regards,