Items search should be case insensitive


I am currently using bitwarden as my password manager.
I like the simplicity of the tool and came to know that it is very secured.
I would like to mention a suggestion, which is very much required and appreciated.
The items searching option currently having only case sensitive option. But, in most cases people won’t remember the case. So it is difficult for them to search their item.

So I kindly request you to change the search option from case sensitive to insensitive and this will be very much helpful for the users for find filtering their item easily.


@ILAYARAJA_RAMASAMY, I believe that this should be possible to configure, because although I too have not ever cared what the case of a search is, some may.

I agree, its fundamental that the search should be case insensitive. Who uses caps these day!

I’m loving Bitwarden, but I cant find half my records since moving to it from Devolution Remote Desktop.

Bitwarden searches all seem to be case insensitive to me, and I don’t ever remember a time when they were not - what am I missing here?