Items in the Vault not shown in extension tab

Hi, Just recently started using Bitwarden and manually added some of my passwords using the ‘New Item’ tab on the main page. I have also used the Chrome Bitwarden extension to add a new account and this shows in the list when that page is open under ‘Tabs’. I was expecting to see the other items that are in the Vault to show in the extension list when the page is in the browser (under tabs) but they do not. Is this how it it’s supposed to be, or am I missing something?

Hi @David_Roberts and welcome to the community,

Do you know what the URI for the given items are and what the match detection is set to?

Was this from the web-vault? Given you manually added these, it could be that the URI was missed. As this will be what Bitwarden determines what login item should match on which sites, and which to show and offer for autofill within the Tab section of the browser extension.

Assuming that these “other items” are ones that you may have imported from another password manager, it is possible that the data were not correctly imported (or that the data were not correctly exported by the original password manager).

Could you manually open one of these vault entries that isn’t working, then click “Edit”, and copy the text string in the URI1 field? Please paste the copied string into your response (if possible, please use the Preformatted text format in the forum text editor, which you can apply by highlighting the pasted string and clicking the </> button in the menu bar at the top of the composition window).

In addition, if you have knowingly made any changes to the URI Match Detection Method options, please let us know what settings you are using for the global default and for the specific URI.

Hi, Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. I tried launching the URL from the edit page to open the page in my browser, I then copied that URL and pasted it back into the URI 1, save it and it showed up in the extension under ‘Tab’!

Well, you fixed that one entry, but if you have imported a large number of login items that have the same problem, there may be a more efficient method to fix all of them.

If you want help with this, please provide the information that I had requested above (i.e., the URI1 string from the Edit screen of a login item that does not match properly, as well as information about your current settings for URI Match Detection).

Hi, I haven’t imported a large number of login, I just manually copied and pasted a selected number into Bitwarden. I have entered others now and they are all showing up in the extension tab.

Thanks for your help.

Just FYI, below is a previous post of mine where I explain the best way to add new login items to your vault, using the browser extension: