Item Option 2FA re-prompt

Bitwarden has the function that the master password can be prompted when opening items. It would be useful if you could also set the items to prompt for the 2FA code. This would increase the security of the items much more, if the device is hijacked and the web vault is unlocked, it only takes a keylogger to get the master password and then even these items are no longer secure. It would be much safer to prompt for the 2FA code here.

Microsoft has the same system with the Personal Vault in OneDrive. If you want to unlock it to access your stored data, you need the 2FA code. Might be worth considering adding an option for 2FA in the items as well.

Hey @sinned97, this enhancement will be included in an upcoming release where the whole vault item will be protected by the re-prompt :+1:

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Check out Require Re-prompt for entire item (view, edit, etc.)