Issues trying setting up Bitwarden Cloud SSO with Google Workspace

Hi all,

I am trying out the Enterprise Cloud solution and having some difficulties setting up SSO between Bitwarden Cloud and Google Workspace.

I’ve followed the instructions /help/saml-google/ documentation (not able to post more than 2 links)

Enabling the SSO policy and setting up a SAML App in Google Workspace as described.

And when I try to log in, I am redirected to:

With the following message:

"There was an unexpected error during single sign-on.

Expected authentication context class reference (acr) was not returned with the authentication response or is invalid."

And when I click on “Test SAML Login” from the Bitwarden SAML App on Google Workspace console, I am redirected to:[redacted]&spid=[redacted]&forceauthn=false

With the following message:

"Error: not_a_saml_app

Provided application is not a SAML app"

I played a bit with the options related to assertion, signing and certificates (I made sure to remove the lines mentioned in the documentation), they sometimes change the error message but still doesn’t work.

The messages mentioned above are with all these parameters disabled, as shown in the images from the Tip mentioned on the help page I was following.

So, can someone point me to a solution?

Hi @mf-cesar, please contact our support team here. They’ll be able to help you troubleshoot based on screenshots from your SSO configuration in Bitwarden and Google Workspace.